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We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, God in the flesh, and the only path to Salvation. We believe that his crucifixion and bloodshed covered the sins of man past, present and future. We live in a fallen world since the first sin and are no less likely to sin as a Christian organization than as a secular one, or one of a different faith. Our prayer is that we will not be measured by our many shortcomings, but rather our response to them.

Like Jesus, we would not exclude any young man or family from joining our organization regardless of their faith or lack thereof. Rather, we will strive to lead by example and pray that through the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s work is done in all of us. We will often begin and or end our events with prayer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We would ask anyone not ready to join us in those prayers to simply remain silent and respectful of our beliefs.


Texas Alliance of Christian Athletes is a Christian institution that glorifies God and magnifies the Lord Jesus Christ through providing to Christians and non-Christians sports, Bible teaching, education, competitions, and related activities, thereby presenting a testimony that will result in the salvation of souls and the edification of the saints.

TACA Storm™ believes that the interests of young athletes stepping on the field to practice and play come before those of the parents, coaches, and leaders. Disputes among athletes will be encouraged to be worked out between them first. If the issue is not resolved, the athlete can ask his parent to request a meeting with the Coach. We abide by the “Approach the Coach” and twenty-four hour rules. Emails to Coaches are limited to a simple question, or a request to meet in person. Anonymous emails are not read or responded to. The players are not here to serve Commissioners, Presidents, or a Board of Directors. They are here to serve Christ, their teammates, and their parents.


TACA will only exist as long as its supporters have the desire to fund our efforts. For an athlete to join a team there will be minimal to no registration fees, and very little equipment to buy. Much like a church, or ministry we’ll exist by the contributions of our supporters. We will hold our athletes accountable to participate in a team fundraiser each season. We will require our parents to serve. We do not ask for “Volunteers”, we require “Servants.” “Volunteers” get tired, lazy, worn out, and feel unappreciated at times. It’s our nature. “Servants” work in the spirit of Christ as he came to serve, not be served. Fielding a team is a lot of work. God sets aside a special feeling for givers that takers never get to experience. That is our reward for serving him, by making this effort to spread his Gospel through athletics.

As an organization, we will apply for grants and corporate donations, and depend on the donations of our members. No athlete or family will be measured by their donations or lack thereof as all contributions will remain 100% confidential. Many of us have either more time than resources or in some cases more resources than time. Give from your heart whichever one you have the most of, time or resources.