Code of Conduct


TACA believes that the interests of young athletes stepping on the field to practice and play come before those of the parents, coaches, and leaders. We will not tolerate hidden agendas, rumors, or gossip.  Our decisions, financial and otherwise, will be conducted in the open and will be audited annually.


First to God, then to the athletes, and then to the community we serve.  We will do all things as for the Lord and not for man.  That includes being good stewards of our resources and tithing our first fruits to serve our community.  It also goes towards the principles of accepting responsibility for our actions, leading humbly, and addressing any and all issues face to face in a Biblical manner.


Our primary mission in developing young men is to lead using Biblical principles. Christ is not just in our name, but in everything we do.  Like Jesus, we would not exclude any young man or family from joining our organization regardless of their faith or lack thereof. Rather, we will strive to lead by example and pray that through the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s work is done in all of us. We will often begin and/or end our events with prayer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


We do not subscribe to a One Size, Fits All approach.  We know that each athlete is a unique creation and that each has his own talents, personality, and way of learning.  We will teach in a way that brings out the best in each athlete by putting them in situations to be successful using new techniques and tools.  We don’t want robots…we want to develop free thinking, individuals.